CrossFit Valley Forge – Daily WOD

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Thursday Warmup (No Measure)


Elevated Couch Stretch x1 min each

Pigeon on the Floor x1 min each

Butterfly Stretch x30s

Frog Stretch x1 min

Banded Hamstrings x30s each direction

Standing Banded Hamstring Stretch x1 min each

Keg Stretch with KB x2 min

Banded Lat Distraction x30s each

Banded Jerk Hold x30s


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

On the 0: 600 Meter Run

On the 4: 400 Meter Run

On the 7: 200 Meter Run

On the 10: 600 Meter Run

On the 14: 400 Meter Run

On the 17: 200 Meter Run


Complete Max Abmat Sit-ups after each run.