CrossFit Valley Forge – Daily WOD

The glorious Active Recovery day is here. Lots of mobility is on the menu along with a workout that you should move at about 70% effort. Get the blood flowing today. Learn a little bit about the Hip Extension and how it can help with all your lifts. And Roll Out before heading home.

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Warm-up (No Measure)


Couch Stretch x1 min each

Banded Hip Flexor x1 min each

Banded Hamstring Contractions x20 + 1 min Hold

Banded Overhead Distraction x30s each

Pigeon Stretch x45s each

Dynamic Warmup

Recover Test? (Time)

For Time:

500m Row

25 Hip Ext

500m Row

25 Pushups

500m Row

25 Glute Bridges 45/25#

500m Row
15 min Time Cap