Leslie grew up playing team sports; primarily soccer and volleyball, where she was captain of her high school teams. She attended Villanova University and helped found the Women’s Club Soccer Team in 1999, becoming captain her junior and senior years. After graduating from Villanova in 2003, Leslie joined the local Globo gym and continued playing soccer recreationally. She was sidelined with a torn ACL late in 2005 and struggled coming back from this injury as a “recreational” athlete. Over the years, Leslie tried all kinds of classes offered by the Globo gyms: Zumba, Pilates, yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, spin, kickboxing, and body pump. While classes were fun at times, they were not particularly fulfilling. Fortunately, Leslie found CrossFit in the summer of 2011. She was drawn to that special community that treats everyone like an athlete with encouragement and without judgment. She enjoyed that feeling of being part of “the team” again. She found satisfaction in the structure offered through CrossFit that allows athletes to KNOW that they are improving through measurable progress. In CrossFit, she found coaches who recognize that fitness is not solely measured by the scale or your BMI. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes with different strengths and weaknesses.

Leslie has been coaching and empowering other CrossFit athletes since 2012. She has attended a different seminar each year, including CrossFit Mobility, in an effort to continually grow as a coach. She would say there is nothing greater than being a part of a member’s fitness journey as they get stronger, faster, and more confident through CrossFit.