Kevin is a Level 2 CrossFit instructor and also holds the Weightlifting Trainer and CrossFit Kids Trainer certifications.  Kevin has a real passion for helping people become the best version of themselves.  He believes that consistency, determination, open-mindedness, and the ability to have fun are the four pillars that will help transform anyone into the athlete they’d like to be.

Kevin grew up playing all sports and games.  Competition was fun.  The camaraderie, the schedule, the competitive moments, he’d do it forever.   However, once college basketball was over, he was lost.  Then a friend asked him to try CrossFit.  With what seemed like a never-ending list of workouts and exercises to get better at, Kevin enjoyed the journey of the variety and that it required mental fortitude to get through.   After catching the bug, Kevin signed up for CrossFit’s coaching certification to learn more and start helping others.  Soon after, he began coaching in 2013.

Kevin believes that any exercise is good exercise, especially if the athlete enjoys it.  Nevertheless, he holds true that CrossFit’s varying approach to functional fitness through movement quality, intensity, and scaleability makes CrossFit second to none.