Do you know someone interested in CrossFit??
From today, Feb 18-Mar 4, CFVF will be running a friendly special!
-Your friend must accompany you to the class, where you’ll both work out
-Your friend will get 2 weeks of CrossFit for $50
-You will get $25 taken off next month’s membership
-If your friend signs up, we will subtract your friend’s membership value from YOUR next month’s membership too! Win-Win!
**You must message Kevin or Danielle before showing up to class**

CrossFit Valley Forge – Daily WOD

Happy Hump Day! We are looking to hit a sweet spot with these Power Snatches today in terms of the weight feeling good and having a perfect catch each time. Are our feet hitting the ground hard? Are we punching the sky hard? Or are we just going through the motions? Work in the 50-75% range on the Power Snatches. Then we hit our Wednesday Primer! Choose a rep scheme that works for you! The goal is not to have tired Lats and Triceps/Shoulders for Friday. Lets get out of breath and call it a good Wednesday!

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Warm-up (No Measure)

Mobility and Warmup


3 Position Power Snatch (5×1, Starting at 50%)

High Hang

Hang (down to above knee cap)

Build across in 12 min.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

On the Minute x 16 (4 Rounds)

Min 1 – 4-6 Box Jump Overs + 4-6 TTB

Min 2 – 4 Power Snatches + 4 Overhead Squats

Min 3 – 2-4 Strict Pull-Ups + 4-6 Kipping HSPU

Min 4 – 20 Dubs

Box – 24″/20″

Barbell – 50% of your estimated 1RM Snatch.

Best score is 16/16 Rounds. Choose a rep scheme that feels like a step above Active Recovery.

Take a round off when you feel the need to.