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Matt is always looking for competition, and has the innate ability to make anything competitive (ask any friend or family member).  Matt's workout cycle of running/lifting/biking lasted until his third year of law school when he was introduced to CrossFit.  What started as a two to three times a week workout, became a five to six day a week adventure.  The ability to compete with others while also competing with yourself provided the motivation he needed to improve his fitness while also changing his diet (a feat once considered unthinkable).  The complete approach to fitness inspired Matt to take the next step from athlete to coach, and get his Level 1 certification.  Coaching others provides Matt not only the opportunity to share his knowledge and passion for CrossFit, but also to relive the joys of achieving firsts (pullups, muscle-ups, Rx workouts) through others.  After coaching at other CrossFit boxes, Matt brings his enthusiasm and knowledge to CrossFit Valley Forge, and to a new community of athletes.

CrossFit has become more than just fitness for Matt, it has become an avenue towards helping others reach their goals.

B.S., Economics, Penn State University
J.D., Penn State University
LL.M., Taxation, Temple University

CrossFit Level 1 Certified (2012)

Dylan Meanix grew up in a competitive family where push-up contests and 
arguments about what pull-ups were up to standard were common whenever 
they were together.  He played normal American sports growing up like 
baseball, soccer and wrestling.  When he hit High School he was 'too cool 
for school' and aside from indoor soccer, stayed away from organized 
sports.  Skateboarding, snowboarding and anything else that cried "I AM 
UNIQUE" was more is style.  The next thing he knew he was 27 and his knees 
hurt.  At the time he thought it was because the physical demands of his 
job, but really it was because he was overweight.  He was also 

He started riding bikes and training and competing in triathlons, but it 
just wasn't right.  His uncle persuaded him to try Crossfit and he did his 
first workout 'Nicole'.  He was really proud of his score of 37.  Shortly 
after falling in love, he got his Endurance cert and learned many things 
including how to run, how to eat, how to foam roll,  how to rest, how to 
recover and that Crossfit is full of great people.  His Level I followed 
and then finished (for now) with his Mobility Cert with KStarr.  He has 
competed in everything from local throw downs to the Mid Atlantic 
Regionals in 2011.  He loves Crossfit because of the positive effects it 
has on you body and mind but mostly for the friends he's made. 

Don't let Robs laid back demeanor fool you, he
wants to crush all competition.  One of 4 brothers, Rob is no stranger to
a competitive environment, playing in a variety of organized sports too long to
list since the day he could walk through high school.

Rob was attended the gym regularly and quickly became bored of the typical
robo-gym workout.  When he discovered Crossfit in 2009, he instantly fell in
love with everything it had to offer: competition and community.  Known as
the "light weight technician," Rob competed in events until Crossfit
became obsessed with heavy weights.  He moved over to coaching in 2011 to
help people reach their physical and nutritional goals.  Rob enjoys
meeting new people, a good laugh and full moons.  

Level 1 cert

Sports and competition have been a part of Ron Lockhart's life from a young age.  In high school Ron was a member of the variety baseball, basketball and soccer teams serving as captain of the soccer team.  In college Ron decided to focus on soccer, starting as a freshman.  After college Ron was in a constant search trying various forms of fitness that would be both challenging and exciting.  About four years ago Ron walked into his first CrossFit class and has never looked back.  In CrossFit he found the variety and constant challenge that he had been searching for.  What he had not expected  was the sense of community and support that surrounded the CrossFit culture.  In 2011 at thirty-seven years old Ron ruptured his achilles tendon.  Three days after surgery he was back at the box doing pull ups and any upper body work he could manage.  In less than six months from the date of his injury Ron was back to full activity.  He attributes the fitness CrossFit had provided him with his quick recovery.  If you ask him today what the most rewarding part of being a CrossFit coach is, he will tell you without hesitation that is is helping people achieve their goals and accomplishing things they did not believe were possible.

CrossFit Level 1 Coaching Certification 
Competed at CrossFit OTG Fall Challenge-2010
Competed at Philadelphia Area Affiliate versus competition-2011
Competed at CrossFit Open-2012

Sam Greenough, the youngest of 7 children, has been competing (in one way or another) his entire life. He brings the same competitive spirit to any sport he plays.In high school he played four varsity sports: football, wrestling, swimming and lacrosse. During college Sam played lacrosse at a division one program, and the highlight of his lacrosse career as a defensemen was scoring his first goal in the last minute of his last game. After college, Sam played club lacrosse for the Gryphons, and continued to look for ways to remain physically active, once he found Crossfit he was hooked. Four years ago Sam joined Crossfit as a student and is now as a coach. He has competed in both local competions and regionals for the Crossfit games. Sam is excited to bring this passion to Valley Forge. 

Key Accomplishments:

  • Competed at Hybrid Athletics Winter Challenge-2010
  • Competed at Crossfit 215 Winter Challenge-2009
  • Competed at Crossfit Sectionals -2010
  • Level One Certified-2010
  • Ultimaite Strongman Experience with Steve Pulcinella and Kirk Nowack-2011
  • Competed at Crossfit OTG Fall Challenge-2010
  • Competed at Crossfit 215 Team Competition- 2010
  • Competed at Philadelphia Area Affiliate versus Affiliate competition-2011
  • Competed at Crossfit Open-2011
  • Competed at Crossfit Regionals 2011 (Team-16th)
  • Competed at Crossfit Open-2012
  • Competed at Crossfit South Philly Rumble- 2012 (Team-2nd)
  • Competed at Crossfit Regionals 2012 (Team-8th)
  • Crossfit Coaches Prep-2012
  • Intern for Crossfit Seminars-2013
  • Superfit KOP 8th place- 2013
  • Attitude Nation Level 1- 2014


Erin grew up trying everything from basketball to tennis, ballet to rugby.  Finding CrossFit was like having all that variety, competition, and camaraderie wrapped into one hour of fitness.  Immediately hooked!  She started coaching in her friend’s garage gym and soon went full time.  She went to every clinic and certification she could including the CF Level 2.  Erin then began competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and followed it up with a USAW certification.  She believes that proper form and technique are the key to progress!

Erin’s mission is to effectively coach her athletes to reach their full potential with fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  She hopes to be a mentor for those who wish to compete.  Most of all, she hopes to foster a healthy, safe, and fun environment for each and every person who walks through the doors of CFVF!

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Weightlifting

USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach

Andrew has been involved in solo sports for years, from fencing to fighting. A friend introduced him to Crossfit in 2011 and from there he's been hooked. 

Andrew is a believer in coaching for a purpose. Whether it's a focus on mobility and safety for someone looking to simply live a healthier life, or focusing on minute efficiency points for someone who's fallen deeply into olympic lifting. People come to Crossfit with different goals, and he enjoys helping them individually. 
CrossFit Level 1

In high school, Jimmy played football, lacrosse, and was an All Conference wrestler.  He put sports on hold while he attended St. Joseph’s University until his cousin introduced him to CrossFit in 2012. It was exactly what he was looking for as his next challenge, and was quickly engulfed by the CrossFit world. He "drank the koolaid". CrossFit rewards hard work, consistency and leaving your ego at the door which are things Jimmy believes are key to success in life.

Jimmy is always trying to improve and discovered he also loves helping others improve when he started coaching at CrossFit Valley Forge. 

“I like my workouts short, fast, and heavy.” -Coach Jimmy

CrossFit Level 1

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